Saturday, October 16, 2010

MTA Fare Increase

Well as if things weren't expensive enough in NY it looks like another fare increase is going into effect December 30, 2010.
The monthly MetroCard will go from $89 to $104 and the single ride from $2.25 to $2.50.
I also take the LIRR which in my case will go from $306.00 to $334.00 ... That's almost $30.00 extra a month!
So what am I doing to lessen the blow? Well there's nothing I can do about the LIRR, however I have been trying to walk to work rather than take the subway although there's not normally enough time. There's also a promotion that Chase is currently running called "Chase Commuter Cash". If you have a Chase credit card you just enroll it here: Chase Commuter Cash and for every $150 in qualifying purchases you get back $10. Qualifying purchases include MetroCard, LIRR, Metro-North Railroad, Path and NJ Transit. Although it's a very small amount to save, it is better than nothing.